Industry Integration Program

We at TEAMS aim mainly to induct students with capability and talent to study and work with us so that by the time they finish their courses here, get experienced in IT field with their usual certification.

TEAMS offers Industry Integration Programme to its students which is a landmark achievement in the field of Information Technology and Management Studies & startup village, it is completely different from the traditional management education. Industry Integration is the unique aspect of these programmes which not only differentiate our programmes from all others but also it is beneficial students as well as the Industry.

As a novelty, in this education system where a student after learning basic management concepts takes up training in an industry if its desired specialization for 3-5 days in a week as on job trainee, under the guidance of an Internal guide from the Institute & an External guide from the industry. In this system they are able to apply class-room knowledge at work place and can discuss work place situations with other students. They can also seek solutions of the same with their faculty.

The net result is a perfect integration of class room learning with the work place performance leading to nearly one and a half years experience in case of under Graduate programmers & one year experience in case of Post Graduation Programmes.

It is a win-win situation where a graduate or Post Graduate does not approach the Industry only with a degree or diploma but also with relevant Industry experience by peeling off the fresher tag. He/ she is also in a position to demand higher perquisites than their traditional Management qualified colleagues that lead to faster growth and achievement of personal & organization objectives with excellence.